2019 A Pivotal Year for the UK Drone Industry

Craig Jump – Turkey Red Media and Ecosse from Above 2018 has without a doubt been a dark year for the fledgeling commercial drone industry in the UK. Numerous reports of drones being used for carrying drugs into prisons, and...

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Infernus – Drone mounted Aerial Incendiary unit

Infurnus a Drone firestarter Something top of mind every winter for me, wildfires and burning firebreaks to control the spread of any fires that might take hold in surrounding properties. I immediately understood I could use this device. (Well local fire...

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TT Aviation Technology Co – 2019 line up

On December 24 2018, Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. held Product Release Conference in Beijing Headquarters, which focused on ‘Share profit, Shake hand, Shape market together’ with its customers and distributors worldwide. M6E-GX agriculture UAV, M4H petro-electric hybrid UAV, and...

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The 10 golden rules to flying a drone safely

The pre-Christmas chaos at Gatwick Airport well and truly threw the spotlight on drones … and the severe disruption and danger they can cause if misused. One of the top drone training companies in the UK is Yorkshire-based Flyby Technology...

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Samsung’s 16th drone patent

A grown-up is going to have to explain to me how companies, particularly Amazon in our space manage to receive patents for things that have prior art anyhooo. It does seem obvious to bundle a drone with a high-end smartphone...

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