"When it comes to buying insurance there is nothing more frustrating than spending hours filling out questionnaires, only to be told 'We'll get back to you'.

That's why we launched FlyIcarus. Our site allows customers to buy a fully comprehensive, off-the-shelf policy in less that 5 minutes - at an affordable price. It's the way insurance should be".

Drone Insurance, backed by one of the worlds

largest & most innovative Insurers.

Who is FlyIcarus ?

FlyIcarus Limited is an Appointed Representative of London broking firm, Bannerman Rendell Limited.

Our unique route to market puts us in a strong position, as it allows us to remain completely focused on the mission, which is to spread awareness of how easy and affordable it is to protect you and your Drone.

Unique partnership.

We have partnered with one of the world’s largest and most innovative Insurers, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. Swiss Re is rated AA- by Standard & Poor's offering our clients solid security.

We can offer both the Commercial and Hobbyist Drone Industry, the insurance solution they are shouting out for.

35 years aviation insurance experience.

We are a team of individuals that understand that traditional broking methods aren’t fast enough for this rapidly expanding industry. Try the site out for yourself. You’ll get an instant quote. No waiting days to get a response. No excessive questions and No call-backs - you're in complete control.

Quick, easy and hassle free.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, which means only one thing - more flight time!

We're here to keep you flying.

Combining Insurance-Tech with traditional insurance values.

Commercial Drone Insurance, Hobby Drone Insurance

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