Commercial Drone Insurance

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For multi-rotor drone(s), payload(s), & any associated equipment

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What's Covered ?

Fully Compliant with EC 785 / 2004

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Accidental Damage

Provides cover for your Drone(s), Camera(s), Gimbal(s), RC(s), Batteries, Monitor(s) and Ground Equipment against accidental physical damage. Total Insured value ranges between £1,000 and £20,000.

Public Liability

Provides protection whilst operating your Drone against third party bodily injury (eg if you hit anyone whilst flying your Drone) and in addition, provides protection for accidental damage to third party property (eg if you hit someone else’s car or house). Limits available: £1m, £2m, £3m, £4m & £5m.

Fly-Away Cover

This provides cover should you lose contact with your drone and it flies away and you are unable to find or retrieve it. 

Recreational & Training

Your commercial policy includes cover that allows you to fly recreationally and for both formal and informal training purposes.

Over-Water Cover

Provides cover for when you are operating your drone over any area of open water such as a lake, the sea, the ocean or a reservoir.

Multiple Pilots

The policyholder and any individual over the age of 18, holding a valid PfCO, with permission from the policyholder.

Worldwide Cover

This extension enables you to operate your drone anywhere in the world, provided you are not in breach of any Sanction or Embargo imposed by the USA, UN or EU. Wherever you are operating your drone, you must abide by the local Aviation Authority Guidelines and Regulations. This extension is subject to certain territorial restrictions that are outlined in your policy wording.

In Transit Cover

Provides cover for loss, theft, disappearance or accidental damage to your Drone(s), Camera(s), Gimbal(s), RC(s), Batteries, Monitor(s) and Ground Equipment whilst in transit by any means.

Theft Cover

Provides cover for your Drone(s), Camera(s), Gimbal(s), RC(s), Batteries, Monitor(s) and Ground Equipment in the unfortunate event it gets stolen. Evidence of forcible entry is a required before a theft claim will be considered.

Pilot Personal Accident

Provides cover for death or disablement to the Drone operator, whilst operating a Drone insured under the policy. Capital Sum Insured £20,000, Medical Expenses £10,000 each insured person.

Cyber Cover

This extension provides you with cover following the unlawful interference of any computer system, software programme, programming code, system process or any other electronic system, that enables a third party to seize control of your drone whilst in-flight with the intention of inflicting harm to others or damage to property.

Invasion Of Privacy

Provides cover should a claim be made against you for an invasion of privacy. We will cover you for the sums you are legally liable to pay as compensation up to the limit of £15,000 any one offence and in the aggregate.

Night Flying Cover

Night Flying is covered subject to any pilot operating a drone insured under your policy holding a valid CAA permit and authority to fly in the hours of darkness.

Trespassers Costs

Offers reasonable settlement in respect of loss of or damage to crops and/or other property caused by trespassers following the crash or forced landing of Your Drone up to but not exceeding £10,000 in the annual aggregate.

Alternative Hire Costs

Whilst your drone is being repaired or replaced following an accident, this cover will pay for the costs (up to £1,000 or 30 days whichever the lesser) of hiring in a substitute drone to enable you to perform pre-agreed contracts in connection with your business.

What happens if I need to make a claim ?

A claims process streamlined to make your life easier

1. Complete a Claims Form

If you need to make a claim simply fill out the online claims form, upload your flight logs and a member of the team will be allocated to your case.

2. Send Us the Item Involved

If you are able to recover the damaged item / drone, then you'll need to post it to us for repairs. If your can't find it, then you can skip this step.

3. Repair / Replace

We will proceed to either repair or replace your drone (New for Old), and will keep you updated every step of the way until  complete.

4. Sit Back and Relax

Once repaired and tested (or replaced) your repaired / new drone will be delivered back to you. We will also text you the DPD code to track it's location and estimated arrival - simple.