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Your Cover:-

What's Covered ?

Covers any Drone(s), Payload(s), Camera(s), Gimbal(s), Ground Equipment and any other Associated Equipment.

 Accidental Damage   Public Liability
Private & Recreational PfCO Flight Test Cover
Fly-Away's Any Pilot 18+
Over-Water Flying Unlimited Claims
Mid-Air Collision Worldwide Cover
Theft Cover Personal Accident
Fire Storm & Flood Pilot Error
Night Flying Hired In Costs
Trespassers Costs Invasion of Privacy

Policy Excess

  • 10% of the insured value of the Drone(s) and/or Associated Equipment that has been damaged, lost or stolen.

Main Exclusions

  • Drone Racing
  • Fixed Wing Drones

Fully compliant with EC 785/2004, and recognised by the CAA.

For more information about Drone/UAV rules, regulations and guidelines please click the logo below.

** For full terms and conditions see our sample Policy Wording found here