PfCO Drone Flight Test Cover

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Insurance for New & Used Drones.

Covers the Drone & all components including the controller (i.e everything that came in the box).

  • Accidental Damage
  • Fly-Away's (Irretrievable Loss)
  • Over-Water Cover
  • Mid-Air Collision & Pilot Error
  • Any Pilot Aged 18+
  • Unlimited Repairs

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PfCO Drone Flight Test Cover

FlyIcarus are pleased to offer Flight Test Cover for those wanting to apply for their PfCO.
Coverage Includes:-
  • Public Liability £1,000,000 (including liability war)
  • Accidental Damage up to £5,000 (in-flight only)
  • Fully compliant with EC 785/2004
  • Test cover required by NQE's
  • Valid for one day only, being the specific day of your NQE practical flight test, and within a 12 month period.
  • Policy Excess: £250 


Note:  The full amount of £25.00 will be refunded to you when you take out a Commercial Policy with us.